FBNBank Senegal Limited is a subsidiary of First Bank of Nigeria Limited, Sub-Saharan Africa’s premier banking brand. FBNBank Senegal was formerly International Commercial Bank (ICB) which commenced operations in Senegal in April 2006 with the opening of the headquarters at 18, Avenue Léopold Sédar Senghor in Dakar. Following the acquisition of 100% equity stake in the West Africa Operations of ICB by First Bank of Nigeria in 2013 and upon the approval of the acquisition of the Senegal Operations by the Central Bank of Senegal (BCEAO), the name of the Bank was changed to FBNBank Senegal SA in January 2016.

The vision of FBNBank Senegal is to be a clear leader and Senegal’s Bank of first choice. Our mission is to maximize shareholder value through sustainable growth, superior customer service and innovation. We currently operate 3 branches and one agency across Senegal. All our branches are networked to facilitate transactions of business by our customers from any of the branches.

We are focused on providing quality service that will ensure the strengthening of our position in the banking sector. In the ensuing years, we will focus on the provision of innovative relationship management tools and unparalleled customer service through the deployment of appropriate customer relationship management tools to facilitate better customer service delivery.
FBNBank Senegal, (in line with its parent company FirstBank’s philosophy) has launched the concept of “Value Banking”, which is all about creating service and product platforms that address the needs of customers from the functional and value creation perspectives.

Siège FBNBank Sénégal Limited :

Zone 15, rond-point Ngor Almadies

Dakar , Sénégal

Lot N°2 Mermoz Pyrotechnie, VDN – Dakar
(+221) 33 869 92 69

18 Av Leopold Sedar Senghor BP 32310 – Dakar
(+221) 33 823 56 47

Route des Almadies Zone 12 Lot D, BP 11045 – Dakar
(+221) 33 869 76 90

Olawale LATUNJI- CEO, Managing Director
James BITTAYE- Executive Director
Adedeji ADELAYI- Chief Risk Officer
Bruno NDIAYE- Heaf of Internal Contol and Compliance
Ngone KONATE- Head of Corporate and Public Sector
Aminata Fam SAMBE- Head of Operations
Charles HYDE- Head of Treasury
Abdou Aziz BA- Head of Internal Audit
Haoua MOUTALABI- Head of IT
Coumba Betty SAMBE- Company Secretary
Faty SAMB- Head of Human Capital

Mr. Aderemi Muyinudeen Makanjuola – Chairman
Mr. Nsikak Titus Ekure – Non- Executive Director
Mrs. Bashirat Odunewu – Non- Executive Director
Mr. Patrick Iyamabo – Non- Executive Director
Mr. Olawale Ibidapo Latunji -CEO, Managing Director
Mr. James Alieu Bittaye -Executive Director

For Any issues please contact by email:

– complaint@fbnbanksenegal.com

– enquiry@fbnbanksenegal.com

Phone: (+221) 33 842 07 42

Accounts – Current, Savings, Domiciliary, Corporate, Term Deposit, etc.

Money Transfer – Western Union, Ria, Wari, Money Gram, Joni Joni, Sigue, Transfast etc.

E-Banking – Payment Cards, Online Banking, ATM

Facilities- The contract Finance, Otocar Loan, Personal loan against salary (PLAS), the Temporary Overdraft, Yombeuna

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